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Visit the most emblematic places of the city

Meet Pamplona has never been so easy

The capital of Navarra is a city known for various reasons. There are those who decide to visit it to get to know the Sanfermines partying, who walk it on foot while doing the Camino de Santiago or who whant to discover it through its history, ancient old center or delicious gastronomy.


These are some of the most emblematic points of interest in our city. Plus, to make it easy for you to visit them according to the time you have available for it, you can check the distance they are from our hotel. Enjoy Pamplona!

Points of interest near the hotel
  • Navarra Arena 2,4 km
  • El Sadar Stadium 3 Km
  • Navarra University Museum 3,6 Km
  • Navarra Public
  • University 3,6 Km
  • Plaza de los Fueros 4,1 km
  • University Clinic 4,2 Km
  • Pamplona Bus Station 4,4 Km
  • Ciudadela Park 4,4 Km
  • Yamaguchi Park 4,5 Km
  • Pamplona Planetarium 4,5 Km
  • Highway A- 15 300m



An incredible crenellated royal palace in which King Carlos III spared no expense. Today, thanks to a laborious restoration, you can enjoy a visit through its rooms and climb to the top of its many towers.

The pedestrian streets of the historic center are a real beauty. And, apart from going around, you can enjoy other spectacular monuments such as the Spire Tower, the medieval galleries, the impressive palace where the current Parador de Olite or the church of Santa María is located, among others.


It is the only village in Navarre that has made its place in the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain so far. Navarra has no shortage of candidates, but Ujué has earned it on its own merits. A tangle of steep, twisted streets and traditional houses welcome us.

Its natural border situation between the different medieval kingdoms created the particular landscape that is seen today. Ujué is the result of it and its defensive constructions.

The best example is in the Church-Fortress of Santa María de Ujué. A spectacular fortified temple at the top of the hill on which the town sits.


Probably the most authentic town on the entire list. A must see near Pamplona indisputable. Gallipienzo is a small village whose streets seem to have stopped in time. Everything exuded an authenticity that is hard to find in the rural world today. 

As if for a moment we could peek into the quiet and peaceful life of our ancestors.What is special about Gallipienzo? A church that resembles a fortress, a sea of houses staggered in the mountains, natural balconies with privileged views or a river that recreates a dreamlike landscape. 

It seems that Gallipienzo has everything to surprise the traveler.But in addition to the obvious beauty, it also hides a real treasure among its walls. Inside the Church of the Savior and at the highest point of the watchtower, an impressive Romanesque crypt is preserved.


On the border with the province of Zaragoza, the crenellated towers already warn the beauty of a fortress whose origins date back to the 10th century.It is in the cradle of the Patron of Navarra, San Francisco de Javier. 

Thanks to its strategic situation, to the Tower of Homage (first construction of the fortress) different buildings were added over the years to form the complex that is seen today. An impressive castle full of towers, embrasures and lots of rooms that will make the visit worthwhile.

Appart of the castle, it is also worth visiting the Basilica of Javier (free admission) or, at least, enjoy a quiet walk through the whole area.


A few minutes by car separate Javier Castle from the next destination. Another monument that seems to have come out of a paiting, and the good ones. The Monastery of Leyre sits on the skirt of the homonymous mountain range. The Benedictine monks were right with the location. A privileged place and with views that you never get tired of admiring: the course of the Aragón river that, at present, flows , thanks to the beautiful Yesa reservoir. 

The history of the monastic ensemble goes back to the Nineteenth century. However, and with all those years behind him, the Monastery of Leyre continues as beautiful and active as ever. The tourist visit focuses on the Romanesque (impressive) crypt, church and liturgies sung in Gregorian. Much of the construction has become accommodation for tourists. A corner that attracts attention is the beauty of the Yesa reservoir, on the way to the Aragonese Pyrenees, from the distance you can see the blue color of its waters so striking that it does not go unnoticed.


La Foz de Lumbier, an incredible gorge, in just 3.6 kilometers (round trip) the path, perfectly indicated, leads inside the gorge and always parallel to the Irati River. The landscapes are just awe-inspiring.

After enjoying this small hiking trail and trying the icy waters of the Irati, it’s time to visit another spectacular wonder of nature. Only 15 kilometers away, there is a powerful canyon whose rocky walls reach up to 300 meters high. The Foz de Arbayún, excavated by centuries of action of the Salazar River, is almost impregnable.

The Iso viewpoint, accessible by car, gives the best views of this wonder


Sangüesa does not have the spectacularness of the towns that top the list. But history, charm and monuments are not missing. It is the capital of the region and, among other attractions, you can enjoy on the border of the Aragon River of the spectacular Romanesque church of Santa María La Real, the Prince of Viana Palace, the Vallesantoro Palace or the Cloister of the Carmen Convent. Every year they organize theatrical visits to get to know the most important monuments, some history and, most importantly, have a great time.

Just 3 kilometers separate from the viewpoint of the Sacred Heart. The views are great and can be accessed by car.


The route of the Nacedero del Urederra is very simple and well indicated. And it is true that in this environment time will fly by, you will still have time to get closer to other places in the Sierra de Urbasa as cool as the Pilatos Balcony or the Haunted Beech. And why not? get closer to the wonderful Monastery of Santa María la Real de Iranzu in the Sierra de Andía.


  • Pamplona bullring 4,7 Km
  • Plaza del Castillo 4,8 Km
  • Pamplona’s Town Hall 5,1 Km
  • Pamplona’s Train Station 6 Km
  • Pamplona Cathedral 6,9 Km
  • Navarra Museum 7 Km
  • Pamplona Planetarium 6,2 Km
  • Taconera’s garden 6,5 Km
  • Ciudadela de Pamplona 6,1 Km
  • Plaza Consistorial 6,9 KM


  • Santo Domingo 6,7 Km
  • Leclerc (Supermarket) 2 Km
  • La Morea ( Shopping mall ) 2 km


  • Pamplona Airport 0,9 Km
  • Bilbao Airport 165 Km
  • Vitoria Airport 111 Km
  • San Sebastian Airport 66,1 Km
  • Pamplona Airport 0,9 Km
  • Bilbao Airport 165 Km
  • Vitoria Airport 111 Km
  • San Sebastian Airport 66,1 Km